Part 1

Be able to say:

"What is this?"
"Im here in town"
"I leave this month"
"its there next to you"
"Thats it!"
" You Got it"

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Part 2
Creation and usage of ourNoun List (click here)
Take the first ten Nouns listed and make sentences with the Personal Pronouns in your LTSF Journal from Assignment 2.
(This should be easy since you've already written down all your pronouns in your journal!    


  + Noun

My House

Noqu +  Vale

Go through and pair any pronoun with any noun into a likely combo.

Do until you've used all pronouns! (over achievers can continue this exercise by continuing to add pronouns to the rest of the Nouns listed in Massive Word List.

Part 3

We Need to start thinking of sentences.  Before I give out any free translations we need to do some research!!!
Everyone reading this now can help in making a list of commonly used English sentences.  Once weve reached 25 New sentences we can start looking for the translations.  This is a very important part of achieving comprehension.  You want to be able to convey the same thoughts and ideas from English to Fijian.  There are Phrase books that you can buy that will help you if you cant think of sentences on your own.  An even more powerful learning tool than reading a phrase book is creating your own phrase collection.  Are you serious about learning this!? Good! then Go to 1,000 sentences and simply write down the English sentences you want to be able to convey in Fijian.
You want an example?? 

"Can you please feed the dog"  

That would be a nice thing to know how to say!!  Tell me all the sentences you want to know and If I cant tell you the translation, one of my hundreds of Fiji FB friends can help us!  Lets get on it!    

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Na Waqa. Na waitui. Na Yanuyanu. Na O. Na Nuku. Cava tale beka e laurai ena itaba qo?? Photo Stu Johnson
Part One

Read and Listen to Pronoun list number 2 and write down the the new words in your journal in the pronoun section.  Try your best to read the flash cards in Fijian.  There will be a corresponding audio that you can play as you look read out loud the flash cards.  We will get more comfortable reading Fijian as we practice pronouncing the words over and over and over again! It wont be instantaneous but it will come. 

Part Two

Go to Important words and Grammar to read the lesson on Tense markers
in English when we say
I went
I will go
I'm going
In English there are many rules in how to place tense within a sentence, In Fiji is quite easy!!!!!
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Part Three

Go to Massive words list
I have started to compile photos for helpful flash cards.  Use them to memories words! Get to the point where you can see the English definition pop up and be able to say the Fijian equivalent before it pops up on the next card.
Looking at these Flash cards is something you should do often (reviewing the words will make them stick in your brain and you will be more likely to recognize them when you hear it spoken.) Click here to check it out.

Assignment #1
3 parts

Part 1
Get you hard cover journal that you purchased specifically for your Fijian language study and Copy the Pronouns down.  Go ahead and use one entire page to write down this list and use the next several pages to add new Pronoun lists still to come.  The Test is when you think of the English pronoun think of how to say it in Fijian.

Part 2
Think of 10 Action verbs in English( I.E. run,walk, talk, gawk etc) and give me the Fijian equivalent.  You can find the Fijian translation several ways.  You can use a dictionary if you have one, but even more effective is simply asking your Fijian friends how to say it!!!  I would suggest having the list of ten words ready and ambush your Fijian friends on a facebook chat.  When you get the translations write them down in your journal in a section that you will dedicate solely to Verbs (give your self about 5-10 pages depending on how small your write.  Once you've done that go to the Massive word List and leave a comment on the Action Verb Section so I can add your words to the list.  If we all do this independently we can all benefit from each others research.

Part 3- Super Easy cool down section...
Go to 1,000 Sentences  and play the Audio.  Repeat the 5 Fijian phrases after they are said on the recording.  Good job! Wananavu!

(PS, This is lesson one, if you chose now to not use a journal in this study of Fijian I can promise no results!!! If you do the assignment as suggested you will become proficient in this language.  Nothing comes easy! especially learning something completely new and foreign!!)

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