Bula everyone,
    This is the online version of Stu's guide to learning Fijian.  There are many many different dialects spoken through out the islands, these notes are in the universally spoken dialect of the chiefly island people of Bau island.
    For me, arriving to a point where I begin to understand and speak a completely foreign language did not come by osmosis.  Sadly, simply just hanging around people who speak Fijian was not enough for me to learn the language.

    These lessons are a reflection of how I approached learning 4 different Pacific Island languages.  Its easier for my brain to handle the influx of memorizing the new symbols and sounds of language by striping it apart as would an auto mechanic strip a car.  

As we understand each part we can begin to assemble the language piece by piece.  My goal in learning Fijian was to be able to be myself in any situation, to laugh and joke, to be respectful and courteous, and all the different feelings that can be expressed in your mother tongue.  I am confidant that if you apply these lessons and exercises you will find your self comfortably understanding and speaking the language of the Fijian community.  Good luck!         

Materials: This Blog will host as a place where you can view lessons but know that this program is a guide to show you how to learn Fijian.  Assignments will be asking everyone in the online study group to participate in researching the answers.   People living in Fiji should have no problem finding a native speaker to help you in your goal to learn.  You can sit with them and ask them to translate your words and write them down in your journal.  Even easier and accessible to everyone is your facebook friends.  I didnt have facebook when I learned Fijian and you need to take advantage of this great tool.  If you dont already, add several Fijians to your FB friends and let them know you need help translating words and sentences from English to Fijian.  This is easy and its saved in the chat bar so you can write it down in your Journal and paste it onto this webstie!       



         Mentioned above is the use of a hard bound journal.  This is your best friend and your relationship with your language journal will directly effect how good or bad you do in your study.  If you just browse the website then you will learn very little.  When you physically write down the words/sentences/proverbs/songs and other content here you physically burn those things on your memory. 


This is a small one I bought in Nadi town for 2 bucks! its a planner for 2011, just get something with lots of pages and lots of space to write down stuff.  Trust me on this! Get one!

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    This is an entirely Free platform for anyone to study Fijian.  Be warned!  I am NOT a trained linguist nor do I pretend to be a certified teacher or authority on anything!  This Website is something different and a good base from which you can launch your self into future academic studies.  If you want formal Fijian lessons I would suggest enrolling at USP in Suva!  This site will never be stagnant, new content will constantly be added as we piece each important step together.  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions  in the comment area at the bottom of this page. Vinaka Vaka Levu.
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